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Welcome to Sjogren Enterprises.

We are a full service, residential and commercial pressure washing cleaning company with more than 20 years of experience. What makes us different? First, our equipment and cleaning techniques are superior to our competitors. We use high temperature steam and pressure to remove dirt, debris, mold and germs to thoroughly clean most surfaces. When cleaning solutions are required, we use only environmentally safe products, steam and hot and/or cold water depending on application and surfaces. Secondly, we take price in our communication throughout the experience with you. Lastly, your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Why choose pressure cleaning? Our techniques thoroughly clean surfaces such as concrete, siding, plastic decking, wood decks, wood patios, boat docks & piers, saunas and commercial and industrial areas in need of deep cleaning, grease removal and many other applications. Our cleaning processes will not only improve the physical appearance and the life of the product, but also cleans and removes germs, bacteria, and mold from surfaces that cannot always be seen. Looking for assistance in commercial applications? Let us help. Our high temperature steam processes kill germs and bacteria while removing unwanted odors.

Please contact us at (847) 336-9037 for a free evaluation and quote of your commercial or residential projects and property today.

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